Starting an E-commerce Business in Nigeria

Let me guess, if you are truly reading this blog post, it’s because you hope to become a successful e-commerce business owner in Nigeria. You want to build a dynamic, great e-commerce business in Nigeria or even get rich with e-commerce business here in Nigeria. If that should be the case then allow me to share some good news with you.

Building a successful e-commerce business in Nigeria will take you time, dedication and marketing skills. I’m telling you this because I want to be honest with you.

To excel or succeed in e-commerce business in Nigeria you must have problem solving skills and also marketing skills. You know according to entrepreneurs, solving problems will make you a millionaire and that’s true.

Let me prove that to you, when there is scarcity of a particular product in the market that becomes a problem in the market and if you are able to produce the products and the money on that market becomes yours.

So as a beginner that wants to venture in the e-commerce business in Nigeria, thinking of a product that solves the problem of your target audience should be the first steps of your e-commerce business journey.

Another skill you need to succeed in e-commerce business is marketing skills. According to business experts, good marketing can sell a product to even someone that don’t have an interest in it. Learning how to market products will help you succeed in business.

To start an e-commerce business in Nigeria involves some steps and right information, the good news about the post is that you will learn something your teachers or mentors wont share with you free of charge.

Now let begging with the steps,

Step 1. Choose Product


The first steps to start e-commerce business are to decide the products to sell. The question most people ask when starting a business is what to sell. And if you are here, what to sell won’t be your problem anymore because I will scale you through the process of choosing what to sell.

How to Choose e-commerce products to sell as beginners

To choose products to sell you must choose a niche, there are several e-commerce niches that beginners can capitalize on but choosing the one you have passion for is best.

After choosing a niche, the next step is to find products that your customers are looking for that’s not available in the market.

After you find out the products that have high demand and low suppliers, then you have your products to sell now. It’s time to source the products for your customers’

How to source products is your question, then read the next steps to find out why.

Steps 2.  Source Products

After having products you want to sell in mind, the next steps are to find suppliers or where to get the products. What to do in this stage is to use platforms like jumia or aliexpress to find products.

If it’s local products then use social media to find your products.

Personally I use social media to find products I’m selling, platforms like facebook and tiktok help me find products easily.

check out list of ecommerce and dropshipping suplliers in nigeria

How to find e-commerce products using Facebook and Tiktok

Let me start with facebook.

  • Open your facebook app
  • Go to market place
  • Search your products
  • Filter the results and contact seller close to your location
  • Contact seller

And for people that will love to use tiktok

  • Open your tik tok app
  • Search your products
  • Visit pages post videos of your products
  • Contact the sellers

Another way to source products is to ask people selling the products where they source their products

Step 3 Find logistics agents

After knowing where to source products, logistics are your next steps. Getting logistics agents in this case is very important because they will help you deliver your goods to your house and aside from helping you deliver goods, they will help you check the quality of goods and also save you from getting scammed.

How to get logistic agent for e-commerce business in Nigeria

To find a logistics agent, search for the best logistics company in Nigeria and choose any one to deliver from where you are getting your products from to your location.

Once you find one, negotiate price with them because you are making them your regular logistics.

Step 4 Choose e-commerce platform

ecommerce platform

Now you have where to get products and also have logistics that can deliver your products within a few days. Next for you is choose a platform to set up your online store.

There are several platforms available for you like jumia, konga, shopify and others, choose one you are familiar with and create your account.

Step 5 setup your online store

online store

After choosing platforms you can afford, next is to set up your store, to set up your store, get your domain name and use your preferred platform to create your store.

If you need help on how to create an online store and design, contact me via whatsapp.

Step 6 Stock your products

Now you have everything you need to start an e-commerce business in Nigeria, your next step is to stock your products. As a beginner don’t start stocking with all your capital, at least use 20% of your capital to stock your product and see how the market goes.

Step 7 List your products on your online store

You have products in stocks, start listing them on your websites. Write a description explaining every detail of your products and also use very pictures of your products, if possible add videos of your products.

Step 8 Market your products

Your business is set now, it’s time for you to start advertising your products to reach customers. There are several platforms you can use to market your products. This platform includes tiktok, facebook, pinterest, twitter and google ads.

To know how to promote your products online, go to youtube and subscribe to my youtube channel.


Here comes the end of how to start a successful e-commerce business in Nigeria. If you have question leave comment i will respond to each question

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