5 Profitable Dropshipping Niches in Nigeria 2024

5 Profitable Dropshipping Niches in Nigeria 2024: Dropshipping is one of the best ways to start your online business and it’s not only to start an online business but also earn you money to sustain your living in this current situation of the country.

And one of the secrets you need to know when starting dropshipping business is to find a profitable niche. Questions beginners normally ask when they want to venture into dropshipping business is  how to find a profitable dropshipping niche.

If you reading this post are among those that find it hard to find a profitable dropshipping niche, I congratulate you because you are about to learn 5 most profitable dropshipping niches in Nigeria.

So before I bring you a list of profitable dropshipping niches to start in Nigeria 2024, let me first explain how to know if the niche is profitable.

How to know Profitable Dropshipping Niche in Nigeria 2024

The profits of a niche depend on products, so products that solve customers are definitely profitable products.

So know profitable niches to start, first of all think of products that have high demand and low supply in a region you are targetting. 

So any niche with products has low supply and high demand. That niche is profitable. 

So in this article I will list some niches that have products with low supply and have high demand in the Nigerian market with you. So after you have learned profitable dropshipping niches in nigeria, you can also follow this blog to learn how to find profitable dropshipping products in nigeria 2024.

Now let get start with profitable dropshipping niches in nigeria 2024

5 Profitable Dropshipping Niches in Nigeria 2024

1. Health 

Health is one of the profitable dropshipping niches in nigeria because health products demand in nigeria market keep increasing and supply seems like decreasing which makes health one of profitable niches to start dropshipping in nigeria.

Profitable products under health can found under below sub niches

1. Mental Wellness Warriors:

  1. Mindfulness & Meditation
  2. Sleep Saviors

2. Fitness Fanatics:

Home Gym Heroes

Activewear All-Stars

2. Beauty

5 Profitable Dropshipping Niches in Nigeria 2024
5 Profitable Dropshipping Niches in Nigeria 2024

Beauty is another niche to find profitable products to dropship in nigeria because over years now there’s increasing demand for beauty products in nigeria. If i should advise anybody to start dropshipping business in nigeria i will suggest beauty niche.

Below are beauty sub niche you can find products with high demand and low supply

  1. Skin care

Skin care products under this sub niche have high demand and supply of those products has low supply. 

If you are starting this, find soaps and cream under this niche and start marketing.

  1. Nails

People are demanding nail equipment and also products to maintain their nails, if you know how to find products and also people to target this niche can make a lot of profit.

3. Gadget

Another niche to find profitable products to dropship in Nigeria is gadgets, this niche has been doing well for some time now and there is no possibility of stopping so soon. The demand of electronics in Nigeria is getting high and there is a possibility of everyone to capitalize in his particular niche. In Fact almost all sub niches under this niche can give you profit you can imagine. All you need is to find products and suppliers .

I have more than 80 electronics devices suppliers which you can dropship with them and make profits for yourself

4.  Home improvements

Home improvement is another niche booming in Nigeria right, alot of people in Nigeria have developed interest for improving home with nice and beautiful products such as furniture and others.

Anybody that’s want to go in to this niche does not need much stress looking for product to dropship, just find product that can beautify home and start promoting and im telling you, you are going to make a lot of money

5. Pet 

Another niche you can find profitable Dropshipping products is pet, although it can be compared to other niche i mention above but it’s also profitable. Products under this niche are profitable and the good about this niche is you can build a email list to your store. It saves you from spending on ads because you can easily send mail to your customers once you list new products in your store.


Above niches are the most profitable niches i suggest for you reading this post to start when you are starting your dropshipping business in nigeria 2024. I created this article nigerians only because the above niches can be profitable the way it is in nigeria. If you love what you read, comment so that it will grove more courage to create another article related to dropshipping in nigeria

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