Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria and starting cost (2024)

Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria and starting cost (2024): Thinking of start business in Nigeria, then check out list of Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria and starting cost, this list may you help you decide business to start that will lead you to your financial freedom.

As Nigerians looking for a better life, having a business that generates income daily will help you live your life to your expectation, no doubt salary no longer satisfies us, we must have a side hustle to be able to live the kind life we want.

So today I have taken my time to go on serious research and come up with a list of Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria and starting costs to help you make a decision on which one you can afford to start to boost your financial status.

The good thing about the list of Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria is that the businesses I will mention below this article are profitable and don’t need to have big capital to get started.

So let’s get started with a list.

Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria and starting cost (2024)

  1. Pos Business
  2. Telecom Business
  3. Dollar arbitrage
  4. Blogging
  5. Youtube
  6. E-commerce business
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Selling food stuffs
  9. Freelancing
  10. Car wash
  11. Laundering
  12. Bakery
  13. Logistics
  14. Restaurants
  15. View center

1 Pos Business

Pos Business is one of the daily income businesses you can start in Nigeria and earn extra income for yourself. We all know that ATM machines are not found everywhere in Nigeria and people living far away from ATM machines always find it difficult to get cash when they are in need of cash. So starting your Pos business within areas that are far from an ATM machine will earn you a lot of money .

To start a pos business in Nigeria, you need to find traffic and secure area, pos machine and small capital to start.

You can start a POS business with low capitals as N50,000 and increase the capital later when business starts growing.

2. Telecom Business

Telecom business involves selling recharge cards, data ( Megabytes ) and sim card registration. Telecom business is another daily income business to start and earn extra cash for yourself. 

Telecom business I will suggest you start is the recharge card printing business and you can join it together with selling of data and registration of sim cards.

You need a mobile phone and printer to get started, and you need a small amount of capital to start. N50,000 can start this business.

3. Dollar Arbitrage

Another cool business that generates income daily is dollar arbitrage. Dollar arbitrage is buying dollars in market A at a cheap rate and reselling at market B at higher price and keeping the profit for yourself. For example buying dollars with Usman at a rate of N700 and selling to Balla at a higher price of N900.

You don’t need any equipment to start this just capital. You can start dollar arbitrage with capital of N100,000.

4. Blogging

Blogging is another business to start and earn income daily for yourself, although you need the right knowledge to start generating income on your blog. To setup blog will cost you less than N10,000.

There are several ways you can make money from your blog, below are a few ways you can earn money online. 

  1. Ad Networks
  2. Guest post
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Direct ads space

5. Youtube

Another business you should start that generates income daily is Youtube although it is not easy and you will need to put a lot of effort before you start earning with your youtube channel. But trust me the revenue from youtube is worth the effort. 

You can generate income from youtube in several ways just like blogging. If you need guidelines on how to start blogging and youtube. Contact me via contact page.

6 E-commerce Business

E-commerce is another business that will generate you income daily, e-commerce business involve buying and selling goods. Starting an e-commerce business in Nigeria is great to train financial success.

Get access to suppliers of e-commerce and dropshipping products in Nigeria and set up free online stores using shopify and woocommerce and market your products.

You can start an e-commerce business with a capital of N50,000.

7. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another cool online business to earn daily income, there are alot of people who not only make daily with affiliate marketing but getting rich with affiliate marketing. Trust me there is still an option for you to also make fortune with affiliate marketing.

The sweet and interesting thing about affiliate marketing is you don’t need capital to start earning with affiliate marketing. With your mobile phone and network connection you are ready to start.

8. Selling Food stuffs

Selling food is one of the best ways to start a business and earn daily income for yourself, to start this business does not require much capital. Decide foodstuff to start selling, go to market and buy goods and start selling within your location. Common foodstuffs you can start selling are beans, rice and garri. With N50,000 you are ready to start but if you live within northern Nigeria you can start with even N15,000 to N20,000.

9. Freelancing

If you have any skills, you can render service for people and start making daily income. I personally earn a freelancing writing job for blogs and I earn a lot of money. So if you have any skills visit freelancing websites like upworks and create an account and start earning your daily income.

You don’t need any capital to start, just your laptop or mobile phone.

10. Car Wash

Car wash business is also another business idea that generates daily income and if managed properly and has a good location it can make you a lot of money that you never imagined. Before i begin my journey as blogger and content creation i have work car wash which as of them i earn nothing less than N5000 daily and i’m not only guy in that filling station. Although to get started you need some machine, water tank, borehole and other tools. But you can still start as a local car wash wash and upgrade when you start making money. You need at least N100,000 to start.

11. Laundry Business

Starting a laundry business will help you achieve your daily income. This business idea doesnt need alot of capital to start. All you need is iron and start collecting dirty clothes and help them with laundry. I suggest someone looking forward to starting this business should find a location like the campus area and rich people area. 

12. Bakery 

With the current situation of the country the consumption of bread increased and supply or production of bread seem to be very low. Starting a bakery business is one of the best ways to earn daily income. To start a bakery business you need capital starting from N20,00 to N1 million depending which type of bakery you want to start.

13. Logistics

Delivery service has become one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria due to the increase of online marketing lately. Trust me logistics is one of the businesses to start and earn your daily income. This business doesn’t need to select a location, all you need is a good promotion to your brand awareness. You can start this business with capital of N1 million to N5 million.

14. Restaurant Business

Starting a restaurant business is another way to start a business to earn your daily income in Nigeria, because as we all go out daily for our daily work, we all eat when we go to work and that makes the restaurant business lucrative and the good thing about this business is everyone can patronize you. You need at least N20,000 to start and later upgrade from local to standard restaurant

15. View Center

Starting live football matches at the view center is one of the best ways to earn your daily income as we all know that football is one game with many lovers. You can start your view center anywhere in Nigeria and still earn your daily income. You can start this business with a capital of N300,000.

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